Throwback Thursday: to the streetsoccer documentary from PannaHouse in 2014

Amin Benmoumou

This documentary is produced by Maxx Grummer for his studies at LMU. It features the Copenhagen PannaHouse player Amin Benmoumou and his teammates Kristoffer Liicht and Suell Osmani The Gypsy. Maxx beautifully captures the life of the street soccer players in the city of Copenhagen and follows them for a couple of days as they tell their story.

PannaHouse member Amin Benmoumou

It all changed his life when he started palying football. He was escaping from the problems, every time there was trouble, I started playing football. Amin tells in the documentary how he experienced his youth and what he tries to give to youth back at this moment. You see in the documentary the life of Amin in 2014. So, you can see how he’s working on a Arabic school. He tells us about his passion for the ball, how good the panna game did for him. Great to see!

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Friends Kristoffer Liicht and Suell Osmani the Gypsy

Best friends when you play, the ball is live, you can see it when Liicht and Gypsy talked about the game. You can see the ball is the thing where everyone cares about. They all love to see the true happiness in the neighborhoods, how happy they are if they play. It’s not important becoming pro, it’s about the true love, the kick of playing panna. It’s something you can’t get out of them.

A great documentary about the current founders of PannaHouse, you can take a look at the great documentary from PannaHouse in the link below. That you can see how the panna game is involved in the life of them back in the days.