Panna Knock Out World Finals 2022

The Panna Knock Out World Finals are back in 2022!

This spectacle will take place from september 9 till 11th during the Rotterdam Street Culture Week. Will Sarah and Jacob (Pannahouse) take their title back to Denmark again?  

Below you can read all the import information you need for now. Please feel free to send a DM on Instagram to @pannaknockout.official for any additional questions. 

Weekend schedule

  • Friday: Arrival day and evening indoor jam session
  • Saturday: 11:00-16:30 Open qualifier + 17:00-22:00 Ladies & Men World Finals
  • Sunday: Chilling & content

Practical info


The World Finals will be played by a selected top 8 (Ladies) and top 16 (Men). We’ll announce these selections during the coming weeks.  However, there are a few free spots to earn by winning the open qualifier so anybody gets the chance to qualify for the World Finals.

Make sure to reserve a spot by filling in the form below. Please be aware: you’ll have to be at the venue between 11:00 and 12:00 on the 10th of september even if you’re registered online. No age limits, classic Panna Knock Out rules, winner / highest ranked male and female players qualify for the selected top 8 (ladies) and top 16 (men)..  If you’re late, you can’t play! No exceptions this year.

Rotterdam Street Culture Week

The Panna Knock Out World Finals are part of Rotterdam Street Culture Week. This takes place from september 3rd till 11th and it’s a festival full of hiphop culture, street arts, knowledge, street sports and crossovers all around Rotterdam. Check out for more info.