Football is life, Panna is art!

Bizex Street Madness

“In the spot with Bizex about street madness and panna pro”

In our serie ‘in the spot with’ we talk with people from the community about what they do and why they do. Today we talk with Bizex from street madness and panna pro. About how he set it all up and where he began.

Addicted to panna, Sabareesh is growing fast in street football

All the way from India we talk with our talented street football player, Sabareesh. He tells us where his passion for street football started and by who he got inspired. Making tutorials, inspire and doing good is where he stands for.

Happy 2020 from Panna Knock Out

As Panna Knock Out, we do wish everybody a really good 2020. To be even better you were in 2019 and may all your wishes come true. To support your own career and to the people around you.
Radheya Marca

Radheya: “I have always loved skills, it was my favourite part of football”

I think all you guys know him, Radheya is going very good on the gram these days. Do you want to know how he experienced the journey so far? Take a look at the interview we made with him.
Zohair Arbib

Zohair Arbib: “My goal is to be the number 1 at the first upcoming panna tournament!”

Most recently playing at the Ronaldinho Globe Street Soccer Tournament and know for a long time in the street football scene. We talk with Zohair Arbib today, an example for many.

SoufSkills: “Thanks to my father and Ronaldinho I’m the skiller who I’m today”

Soufskills, most people know him as a creative guy who combines street football and field football in an original way. What makes him unique in what he does. We talk to him about how he got here and what we can expect from him in the future.

     Be inspired, play the game…