Football is life, Panna is art!

Przemek:"You achieve your goal by just doing it."

This week we had a great interview with unique street football player Przemek. In this interview you can read how Przemek looks back on his performance in the World Finals and you learn more about his love for street football and vision for the future.
Noah Kofi winner

Panna Knock Out World Finals 2021

The Panna Knock Out World Finals 2021 will be organized in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 11th and 12th of September. Read everything about it here!

Interview with referee Andrés Ramirez Henao

The man who's always focused and on-point as a referee. Many of you know his focused face but not many know his story yet. About time to get to know Andrés a little bit better!

Andre Creemers: I have a big passion for street football, my mission is to fill all football courts in the Netherlands with cheerfull young football players!

This week we had another great interview planned. This time with Andre also known as the Techniektrainer of soccerschool Techniektraining. He has a big passion for all kind of forms of football. Find out more about how he spread his passion of the beautiful game!
Soufiane Bencok

Soufiane Bencok: "I will have my own school in Belgium."

You expected we would stop with the interviews? Wrong! This week we arranged an interview with the legend Soufiane Bencok. Soufiane has some big goals in life. Curious? Read more!

Jack downer AKA Street Panna: 'At first I thought I was good at football, but I got destroyed at Panna.'

This week we have another interview planned, this time with the English legend Jack Downer AKA Street Panna. Jack has worked hard to get where he is today. Curious about his adventure? Read on soon!

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