Start European Futsal 2022 in the Netherlands

Today is the day: The start of the UEFA Futsal EURO 2022 is played in the Netherlands. For the first time in history, sixteen countries will compete for the coveted European title. Current European champion Portugal will therefore have to do everything in its power to defend her title.

The spectacle will take place in Amsterdam (Ziggo Dome) and Groningen (MartiniPlaza). A total of 32 matches will be played, 12 of which will be in MartiniPlaza. The other 20 will be played in the Ziggo Dome. Due to the current COVID-19 measures, the group phase will be played without an audience, but hopefully these cool locations can be filled with an audience in the knockout phase

How was the European Championship Futsal brought to the Netherlands?

International Mo Attaibi (34) worked for the project organization that brought the European Indoor Football Championship to the Netherlands. He wrote a prayer together with a colleague. In this she made clear what the objectives are and that the sport is developing. He also described the course of his football career. He was a field football player, played in the youth of Ajax, got stuck just below the top, tasted futsal at the age of fifteen and grew into an international player. With this he makes it clear that in field football it is normal for young people to start at the age of eight or even earlier. And to really play at the top as a country, you have to be trained in futsal from an early age. You can see this in countries such as Spain, Italy and Russia and we want to achieve that in the Netherlands as well. The European Championship is the perfect stage to inspire young people and to give everyone a place in futsal, with a tailor-made offer.

The role of street football in indoor football

At one time, Attaibi called futsal the formal form of street football. Due to the dimensions of the field, constant action, a lot of ball possession and creativity, spectacular football is often shown in the matches. The intensive and fast game that is missed in field football is found by internationals in street and indoor football. Here they can make more actions and it is constantly switching, defending and attacking.