Happy 2020 from Panna Knock Out

Happy 2020 from Panna Knock Out

As Panna Knock Out, we do wish everybody a really good 2020. To be even better you were in 2019 and may all your wishes come true. To support your own career and to the people around you. 

Looking back on Panna Knock Out his great 2020

We’ve done some great things in 2019. As Panna Knock Out we look back to 2019 with a proud feeling. From the World of Street football, we’ve organized to the Panna Knock Out ‘Anthem’ Kilometers who went gold. Our campaign with Puma was really great. In all perceptions it was a year with many highlights. If we look back to the other highlights with the Pro cups in Rotterdam with; Jetro Willems, Roysten Drenthe, Nasser el Khayati and the Wijnaldum cup, we can say we are proud how we activate the youth. Also, a big highlight in the last month of the year was the activation with 433 while the 24-hour livestream with them. We’ve released our own street football with Monta and organized the National Championships of 2019 and the All styles and Benelux cup. A really buzzy year with some great events and campaigns. We proud!

Take a look below at our recap we made from 2019!

Goals for 2020 for you and Panna Knock Out

We do have our goals for 2020 and we hope you guys set your goals to for this new year. See it as a new opportunity to improve yourself more and more. We hope we can activate more and more youth to play street football. To get them on the streets to have fun with all the people from the neighborhood. We’re are looking forward to the upcoming events and campaigns. So, guys stay tuned for many more. Take a look at our socials to see what will come in the future.

So as a conclusion we do wish you all the best in this new year and hope to see you guys on the street!