Andre Creemers: I have a big passion for street football, my mission is to fill all football courts in the Netherlands with cheerfull young football players!

This week we had another great interview planned. This time with Andre also known as the Techniektrainer of soccerschool Techniektraining. He has a big passion for all kind of forms of football. Find out more about how he spread his passion of the beautiful game!
April 14, 2021/by Panna Knock Out

Soufiane Bencok: “I will have my own school in Belgium.”

You expected we would stop with the interviews? Wrong! This week we arranged an interview with the legend Soufiane Bencok. Soufiane has some big goals in life. Curious? Read more!
January 27, 2021/by Panna Knock Out

Jack downer AKA Street Panna: ‘At first I thought I was good at football, but I got destroyed at Panna.’

This week we have another interview planned, this time with the English legend Jack Downer AKA Street Panna. Jack has worked hard to get where he is today. Curious about his adventure? Read on soon!
January 19, 2021/by Panna Knock Out

Jetro Willems locks himself up in a Curaçao prison for five days

As a child, Jetro Willems had the dream of becoming a professional football player. Due to his difficult childhood it was difficult for Jetro to stay on the right path and to focus on football. Yet Jetro has come to the point that he could organize his own tournament: the Willems cup. Read more about his experiences in life and the tips he gives to others.
January 4, 2021/by Panna Knock Out

Jacob Corneliusen: ‘I always wanted to be the best player of the schoolyard’

This week, we've got an interview planned with the one and only... Jacob Corneliusen! Jacob is part of the Pannahouse Denmark, and has been inspired by many different street football players. In this interview you will get to know Jacob better and learn about his ambitions. Did we make you curious? Read more!
December 14, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Break the week with the playlist of Noah Kofi

This week we asked world champion Panna Noah Kofi to share his playlist with us. Whoever wants to get to the top must of course also follow the top. Check out his cool playlist below!
December 10, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Ahmed Rakaba: ‘street soccer saved my life’

We're back again, this time with an interview with the one and only Ahmed RA KA BA! Ahmed will tell us some more about his difficult time coming to Europe & his road to victory. He has an amazing story to tell. Don't hesitate, just read it!
November 23, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Anusha Samia: “I’m gonna show the world that a girl can be the best in the game”.

This week is all about women. We invited Anusha Samia from Pannahouse to do an interview with us. She’s still new to the game, but already has big plans. In this interview you will get to know Anusha better, and learn more about her dreams. Curious? Keep on reading!
November 17, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Teun el Jackson & Jos el Jackson: “If street football doesn’t work, we still have a diploma”

This week there was a super cool interview with the brothers "el Jackson" planned. Jos and Teun both belong to the el Jackson family. With their good, fast skills at a young age, they amaze many people. In this interview you will learn more about their preferences in the street soccer scene and what they still want to achieve in their career. Read more!
November 5, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

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