Jack Downer: “My ultimate dream is to have panna cages in parks in the UK”.

This time a interview with Jack Downer. He is a panna representative from the UK and has been enjoying panna for 8 years! I this interview you will get to know him a lot better.
July 3, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Street football initiative in San Diego: Bridge Barkada

Bridge Barkada is organizing pick up games in San Diego. In this article you can read everything about Bridge Barkada.
June 12, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

The first China Soccer Groundmove Online Competition VOL.1

The first China Soccer Groundmove Online Competition VOL.1 will start in the coming weeks. The competition is organized by Pannaground China, in collaboration with Panna Knock Out.
June 5, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

The reason behind Ibrahimovic’s departure from LA Galaxy

Ibrahimovic left Los Angeles Galaxy early this year, after his contract with the club expired. This wasn't the only reason he left. Insúa reveals: "I heard from his team that he is a good player but a bad colleague".
May 8, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Patrice Evra: “I used to live on the street and had to beg for a sandwich.”

The former soccer player Patrice Evra was born in Senegal, but grew up in France. As a footballer he had huge successes. But his life is not always as successful as most people know. Patrice lived on the street and had to beg to be able to eat.
May 6, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Recognisable: Topfit, enjoyer or conditionless ?

Due the corona crisis, all football matches and competitions are cancelled. Which means that footballers have to keep themselves fit at home so they can immediately play football after the coronacrisis. How would you be after quarantine?
May 4, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Ronaldinho stuck in Paraquay

Ronaldinho came with his brother to Paraquay. But this trip went differently than he has planned. The two end up in jail.
May 1, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Bailey de Regt: “From that moment on I was sold!”

Today an interview with one of the best freestylers from the Dutch community. Bailey de Regt has been playing football all his life and has switched to freestyling in one moment. He still has a lot of goals that he wants to achieve. In this interview you will get a better picture of who he is.
April 15, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

Luuk Kruijsdijk: “For me these are the magical moments when a trick finally succeeds after a long training session”.

This time an interview with Luuk Kruijsdijk. He is one of the best football freestylers in the Netherlands and is now conquering the world with his football skills.
March 19, 2020/by Panna Knock Out

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