Przemek: “You achieve your goal by just doing it.”

This week we had a great interview with unique street football player Przemek. In this interview you can read how Przemek looks back on his performance in the World Finals and you learn more about his love for street football and vision for the future.

Przemek! The street football scene knows you by your unique flow and style. But can you introduce yourself to the bigger audience?

Yo, my name is Przemek. I was born in Poland and have been playing street football for almost 7 years

Where does your passion for street football come from?

The video of Sean in London inspired me to start. Back when I played football, I cared not only about the outcome of the game, but also how to get to that outcome, and that’s what attracted me to street football.

 What is it about street football and panna that you love so much?

I love the unpredictability, the flow state while playing, different styles that players present, playing with new concepts and creating. I love to just watch different people’s touch on the ball. I love to keep opponents in ,, check” when they feel like they can’t make any bigger step. Furthermore, I love how simple but also complex the game can be.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words as a street football player?

I think variety, fair play and flow.

You have reached the quarterfinals for the past 2 years in the World Finals. Are you happy with your performance?

Last year I didn’t feel prepared tbh, so the outcome was good, I think. This year I was feeling, like I could have gone further, but it’s not easy when you face Noah, haha. But I’m feeling satisfied about this year’s performance.

What went through your mind when you gave the panna to M10?

I wasn’t thinking, as I was so focused on the game. But I remember that my attention, while making that panna was on not making rapid movements with my upper body, as they may make the opponent concentrate. After the Panna I wasn’t sure if I made it before the game ended.

Who is your toughest opponent so far in panna?

The most difficult ones for me are the players who move in, not obvious ways and really react to what’s going on in the cage.  I think the toughest was Liicht till now.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

It depends on which thing. In Panna – Can Yanar, ground moves – Randall do Rosario. In approaching the game I think some people from Polish freestyle community, like Maël Kevin or Zdzichu.

What are your goals and ambitions in street football?

If I look back at what was my motivation since the beginning – of course I wanted to win and prepared for competition, but the core of my motivation was love for the game. You achieve your goal by just doing it:D. I think in future I will be more oriented towards ground moves. Also, I would like to engage in evolving our game.