“On the spot with Bizex about street madness and panna pro”

Bizex Street Madness

In our serie ‘in the spot with’ we talk with people from the community about what they do and why they do. Today we talk with Bizex from street madness and panna pro. About how he set it all up and where he began.

Hello! Could you introduce yourself to the audience?

Hi guys, my name is Ivan Saprykin, but in the sphere of street football and freestyle football people usually call me Bizex. I am 32 years old. Currently living in Moscow, Russia. Street football and freestyle football are my work, hobby, favorite sport, that taught me about lots of things.

Could you tell more about your involvement in street madness and panna pro?

Primarily, the Street Madness team is a community of ballers and football freestylers. That is the passion to football that united us. Afterwards we started to organize the tournaments from 1х1 to 5х5 and to give lessons of street football and freestyle. With all this we became more than just a football team but the community that can manage organization of panna pro and street madness tournaments. Moreover, we created the school of street football and freestyle football for everyone. 

Where did the passion to street football came from for you Bizex?

Everyone from our team always loved street football and played it a lot. But, what did the guys from ex-Street Wizards, which now are called Street Kings, couldn’t leave us unmoved and galvanized our love to football. These guys created a culture of street football. Everything had improved, from the outfits (at that time it was trendy to wear baggy pants, hoodie, sneakers instead of soccer shoes) to incredible tricks. It was unbelievable and super cool!

We were in love with what they were doing. We watched with a vengeance all their videos. MOTG, Panna KO, Rules of the Street… ahh, those were the days. We are trying to preserve it without changes induced by new reality, trends, game styles et cetra. The Nike videos of Joga Bonito, Scorpio, where cyborgs tried to steal the ball and Davids was trying to save it, has also a great influence on us. Certainly, Touzani with his amazing freestyle and grounds. The Brazilian Robinho and Falcão.

Bizex Panna Pro

When and how arose the idea for creation street madness and panna pro?

We started to think about it back in the 2007, our team was called that time freeXstyle. After some changes inside our team we chose a new name Street Madness, it was in 2008. And since then our team is developing according to its name Street Madness. Panna PRO was created in some 2009-2010. The main aim of this community was simple, we created our team to be more unite and therefore stronger. We gathered as a team to meet and mingle, we often trained together. Afterwards we were noticed and started to be invited to some events. In 2008 we presented our freestyle to Red Bull and by 2010 we had our first Street Style tournament in Moscow. The creation of our team happened in a natural way.

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Luis Capilla

What is the purpose of these projects?

I had the same question many years ago, when I was interviewed, and I think that I can still answer with the same words today: “We are the Street Madness team. Street football is our passion. It is not just entertainment or hobby – it reflects our nature. For us it is not a sport it is our legacy which we are anointed to bare and develop.

What is your dream for you as Bizex in street football?

For me Bizex, I already achieved it and made it my everyday lifestyle. I have a work of love and help to develop this sphere. As I always say: “If you have a final target you only limit your potential”. My aim is developing of street football culture. On second thoughts, to answer the question I can put it this way: “I want to be a part of street football until my final breath”.