Final Red Bull Street Style 2019

The Red Bull Street Style championships 2019

After over a decade of championships events spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, the grand finale of the world’s most important freestyle football tournament, Red Bull Street Style is back. Last weekend the Red Bull Street Style final took place in Miami, Florida, USA on November 15, 2019.

Recap Nani Championships

The Judge Luis Nani. The Portuguese winger captured four Premier League titles and a Champions League crown with Manchester United. He also led Portugal to its first UEFA Euro championship and now a scoring standout for Orlando City of the MLS. He was more than enthusiastic about Red Bull Street is the official World Championship of freestyle football. It was an honor for him and hopefully he did learned some new tricks.

Red Bull Street Style Championships – men

Ricardinho from Brazil stole the show at the Red Bull Street Style final. He became world champion in the world final in Miami.

Red Bull Street Style Championships – Woman

At the female championships, Melody Donchet became the first athlete to win three Red Bull Street Style titles!

An event like this brings a lot of pleasure for the community. We’ve seen great freestylers from all over the world. All representing their country. With proud we write about events like this. We’ve seen some great variety in the skill shows. And all of the freestylers who has reached this far deserves a lot of respect.

Beside that, we are proud to see that there were championships for men and woman. The mix of men and woman on the Red Bull Street Style championships is unique to see.  Especially on an event like this big.

We would like to thank Red Bull for making it possible to enjoy events like this in real. But also in the way of live streaming.