Noah Kofi: “Being a part of the PannaHouse crew is a big part of my life”

Noah Kofi

Noah Kofi, member of the PannaHouse community and a great panna and groundmove player. All the way from Denmark we spoke with the future talent about his life. We’re excited about the story of this talent.

Can you introduce yourself to the people, who Noah Kofi is?

My name is Noah, people knows me as Noah Kofi. I’m 16 years old and part of the PannaHouse crew. It all started for me when I was 12 years old, at that time I began to play street football.

We know you as a great street footballer who can play panna but also make great groundmoves, with what did you start first, groundmove or panna?

I started with playing panna. After a year I began with Instagram, I saw a lot of groundmove videos what got me interested. It was for me possible to train alone, just me and the ball and my mind creating new ideas and moves. I also create a lot of new ground combos. But yes, I started with playing panna.

As member of PannaHouse you are inspired one day to join the community, where did this start?

It all started when I was playing street soccer in a park. This park is close to where I live, that’s the place where I met Amin B for the first time. He told me about PannaHouse and the sport. I told him that I was very interested, and I asked if there were any training sessions, I could join with PannaHouse. He told me there were training sessions at PannaHouse every Wednesday. That’s how I joined the PannaHouse crew.

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Which videos you like the most to see in street football?

Yes, I have two videos I really like. Also, from two great players in the street football world. For me these two are my favorites at the moment.

The video from Soufiane Bencok with streetz

And the video from Kristoffer Liicht’s street soccer chironicles

How do you create your videos?

The way I normally create my videos. I am always trying to create new moves or new variations I never tried before. So, my videos never look like they’re made before. When I find 6 or 7 moves, I combined them all together. Then I will search for a song in the same tempo. This brings a good flow in the video.

What is the role of PannaHouse the career of Noah Kofi?

Being a part of the PannaHouse crew is a big part of my life. I’m always trying to inspire people around me. Not only the people around me, also the social influence I got. Inspiring by social media is important for us as PannaHouse to grow with the crew. Above all, I do really like the process in PannaHouse. The concept that the oldest and the best learn the new generation. That the guys who just started playing got their examples in the community. In my time me and Jasseminho learned from Liicht, Amin, Jacob and Gypsy, they teach us the moves how to play. Now it’s time for me and the others to learn to the next generation.

What is your dream and how you want to achieve that dream?

I can tell you guys I’ve two big dreams:

1 To make a groundmove competition like there is in freestyle. That every player got 3 times to convince the judges in 30 seconds. That the jury chose a winner. Also, the concept at the WSF tournament in Rotterdam sounds good to me, I really liked that concept.

2 Panna leagues in every country. Where the winners from all the country’s play in a big final competition, like Champions League in football.