Nabil El Jackson: “In the first round I was really nervous”.

Nabil el jackson

Nabil al Jzaeri but most people know him as Nabil El Jackson. He is a street footballer with a lot of talent and he is on the team of El Jackson. This is an interview with him where we ask him some questions to get to know Nabil better.

Nabil, can you introduce yourself to the audience?

Hey I’m Nabil Al Jzaeri I’m 15 years old and I live in Rotterdam.
I grew up in Beverwaard all my life. Here I can also be found every day on the street court or what it is called “The Arena”. I train here every day and also record my videos here. Currently I can only be seen on Instagram (Nabil_Eljackson) but YouTube will be added soon.

When did you start playing street football?

I started streetfootball on October 18, 2018 by Nasser (Eljackson).
It was just a normal school day and was told we had a workshop. We first got a show and then I saw Nasser with his theater show De Ball. everyone was very impressed with the show. When the show was finished, someone from the audience was asked to show his swabber and then play 1 VS 1 against Nasser in front off the whole school. I was sent forward by my friend Soufiane. In the 1 VS 1 I got such a insane panna that I was sure I wanted to be a street soccer player. After the show I joined the workshop during that workshop Nasser told about his life. At the end of the workshop I was allowed to give a show with Nasser. Finally I got a streetball and started training since then I never stopped.

Which countries have you visited through street football and where do you still want to go?

Unfortunately, I have not been anywhere so far because almost all tournaments are held in the Netherlands. That means that I have already seen a lot of the Netherlands. A tournament in Denmark (PannaHouse) is planned, but it is not yet certain whether this will take place. That is still related to the coronavirus. If that continues, that is the only tournament on the schedule for the time being. I am very much looking forward to this myself.

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What is the coolest street football event you attended?

I think that’s Wsf 2019 in Rotterdam. I also participated myself I was super excited when I heard when I was allowed to participate. I loved it, saw and met a lot of famous people. I really have no words for how cool I thought it was. I just did not get very far, mainly because of the nerves and a bit unhappy.
In the first round I was really nervous and noticed that it was not going very smoothly. I eventually won and ended up in the top 16.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming period?

I am really looking forward to starting: NK panna, Delft Panna Championshap, Dennmark PannaHouse Invitationals and Wsf 2020 if that continues.

Who is / was your example when you were little, so you started playing street football?

When I was little I was not familiar with street football so I didn’t have anyone I looked up to. Ronaldinho was really an example for me. He had class and skills, these are qualities that I consider important. When street football became known to me in 2018, I also got a new example for that. This is still Nasser to this day.