Panna Knock Out & Streetfootball Legend Ratinho introduce #toiletpaperchallenge



As in many countries, it is also true that in the Netherlands the whole country is on lock-down. Everyone should stay at home as much as possible and working from home. That makes it natural for everyone to get bored but Panna Knock Out has found a solution for people at home to entertain. The #Toiletpaperchallenge and this means that you must show your craziest skills with a toilet paper roll. On the first day this has already caused a lot of fun and you see that people can be very creative. In addition, you also see that famous football players / influencers join the challenge. People like Nemanja Gudelj, Tom Vegter and Rai Vloet ventured an attempt.

PKO earplugs

Where does this idea come from?

Because it was rumored that was going aroud people were stocking lots of food and other products in the Netherlands and everywhere else in the world. So people have also stocked a lot of toilet paper. To that excessive toilet paper use Panna Knock Out challenged people to go join the #Toiletpaperchallenge. People who participate in this the challenge have a chance to win something. On April 1, a winner will be announced and receive exclusive PKO earsplugs. The winner is determined by who has been the most creative and original.


As the PKO #Toiletpaperchallenge on Instagram 433 also does a challenge. They have the #stayathomechallenge fort his challenge you need to keep the ball up while washing your hands. 433 also ensures that people have something to do at home. Many people who participate in the #Toiletpaperchallenge also join the #stayathomechallenge. Both challenges are done by many people. On Instagram is it easy to see how much attention this provides and it also creates the most fun images. Join the challenge and tag us in your post