The reason behind Ibrahimovic’s departure from LA Galaxy

Early this year, Zlatan Ibrahimovic left Los Angeles Galaxy, after his contract with the club ended. After Zlatan left, Emiliano Insua joined the club. However, the 31-year-old defender has heard all the stories he needed about Ibrahimovic and revealed in a conversation with Radio Club 947 that he wasn’t very popular with his teammates.

Departure Ibrahimovic

When Ibrahimovic announced his departure from LA Galaxy, he wrote: “I came, I conquered. Thank you LA Galaxy for making me feel alive. To all the fans: you wanted Zlatan and I gave it to you, you’re welcome! My story goes on, you can watch baseball again”. But according to Insúa, this story was a little different.

“Honestly, I do not know him personally. But I do know he has a weird personality. When I came here, they told me a lot of things. I’m not going to say that because these are private things, and I’ve never played with him,” Insúa says.

Good player, but a bad colleague

Then Insúa tells: “They say here that he is not a good colleague and that is the main reason why he left. He is a very good player, but not a good colleague they told me”. It is not the first time that there are negative stories about Ibrahimovic from LA Galaxy. For example, João Pedro had recently heard that Ibrahimovic had threatened to ‘kill’ his teammates, and that Joe Corona revealed that he fired a bizarre tirade in the locker room after a victory.


“We came 1-0 ahead, they came back and then it was 2-2. We lost 3-2 due to a setback and then he gave us a roast”, said João Pedro in conversation with Record. “Who came for the beach and a walk through Hollywood, better tell me now. I have three hundred million on the couch and an island, I don’t need this at all. The first person to open his mouth, I’ll finish him”. According to the words of Ibrahimovic.