China Soccer Groundmove Online Competition VOL.1


The first China Soccer Groundmove Online Competition VOL.1 will start in the coming weeks. The competition is organized by Pannaground China, in collaboration with Panna Knock Out. Pannaground China was founded by AK Yiwen Bao, one of the best known. He is also the first Chinese freestyler footballer and promoter of the sport. AK Yiwen Bao has been a jury of the Chinese Redbull Freestyle competition in recent years. He also has performed with many famous footballers such as Ronaldinho and Cafu.

Jack Downer

Why is this organized?

The online groundmove competition will be the first important step for Chinese street football. At the moment, there are still too few Chinese street footballers. However it is one of the largest countries in the world and has the potential to become one of the most important street football countries in the world. Partly because of this online competition, we want to inspire Chinese young people. to start with panna and freestyle football. The aim of Pannaground China is not only to promote the sport within China, but also to bring Chinese players into contact with street footballers worldwide. For example, the Chinese players will hopefully be able to participate in international street football tournaments such as the WSF in the future and international events will be organized in China in the future!


The participants will have the opportunity in 2 weeks to show their best groundmove skills via social media. These skills should convince the jury that they are the best. The jury is no stranger to the scene, namely street football legends Liicht and Jack Downer. Liicht is the founder of the Danish street football community Panna House and one of the keyleaders in street football. Liicht has won 3rd place in the Panna World Championships three times and is the inventor of countless modern street football tricks that players use worldwide. Jack Downer AKA Street Panna is Panna Champion of London, and one of the best street soccer player in the world and has over 1 million football fans on his social media channels.


The competition will take place from June 13 to June 27, 2020. The goal is to organize this competition every 2-3 months and collaborate with multiple judges and worldwide street football organizations.

Don’t miss this online competition and keep an eye on the Instagram channels of @Pannaground China @pannaknockoutofficial @liicht @streetpanna!