Ronaldinho stuck in Paraquay

Ronaldinho recently celebrated his 40th birthday in a prison in Paraquay. The two-time world footballer was jailed for entering Paraguay with a fake passport. He came with his brother, to promote a book. But this trip went differently than he has planned.

In Prision 

He spend his time in prison playing football. In the courtyard of the prison, he played together with his cellmate Pablo and made a lot of goals. In the last month of his sentence, many videos appeared of him on social media, playing football.

“I pray to God”

At the moment, Ronaldihno and his brother are staying in a luxury hotel with house arrest after they were allowed to leave prison on bail. The former striker of FC Barcelona and AC Milan hopes that there will be found a solution soon so that he can return home.

Ronaldinho said in an interview that he never saw this coming. All his life he has tried to reach the highest and make people happy with football. The fact that he got into this situation is sometimes so unreal for him.

Ronaldinho knows what he’s going to do first when he gets home. “I’m going to give my mom a big kiss” says the former footballer. “I pray to God, everything have to end well”.