Recognisable: Topfit, enjoyer or conditionless

Due the corona crisis, all football matches and competitions are cancelled. There is no training for a long time. Which means that footballers have to keep themselves fit at home so they can immediately play football after the coronacrisis. But is everyone doing this? And how would you be after quarantine?

Topfit players

The top fit players, these football freaks make sure they stay top fit during the quarantine. Strength exercises, running, fitness training and other exercises. The top players spend their quarantine time well. You can say for sure that these players appear on the field smiling and showing what they can do!

The enjoyers

And then there are the players who still play sports once in a while, but above all enjoy the food, drinks and free time. Trainings and matches cancelled? No problem!
The danger of these enjoyers is that there condition will weaken and the enjoyment of football can disappear.

Conditionless players

Finally, you’ve got the players who don’t do anything. No sport, training or exercise, but spend the all day on the couch. These are the players who, conditionally, are going to have a hard time during the first training session and have to start form the beginning. Seeing the top players might make them regret the quarantine. But at least you are rested!

Staying fit during the corona crisis

Are you like the top fit players who wants to stay fit? Or the conditionless player who regrets that he didn’t do anything? Luckily there are several ways to stay fit during the corona crisis. The internet is full of video’s, training sessions and challenges that will make sure that you are better then ever on that football field! So, what are you going to do today?