Panna Knock Out World Finals 2021

Want to visit the World Finals as a spectator?

Due to COVID-19 measures we need to work with tickets for visitors and work with the Coronacheck app. This means you either have to be vaccinated, tested or proof that you’ve been infected with COVID-19 before to get acces.  Please check out the Coronacheck website for more information and download the App. Information on where and when to get tested is also there.

Click here to get a (free) ticket for Day 1! (Saturday)

Click here to get a (free) ticket for Day 2! (Sunday)

Registered players do NOT need to buy a ticket and show the Coronacheck. However we do recommend to let them test theirselves before entering the tournament.

Please be aware that we’ll have to do an ID-check at the entrance to maintain the safety of our crew, players and visitors.

Thanks for your support and cooperation!

It’s time for the Panna Knock Out World Finals 2021!

In the weekend of 11 and 12th of September Rotterdam, The Netherlands will be the host again of this spectacular event.

This is the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday the 11th of September 

  • Open International Panna Knock Out tournament (15:00-20:00
  • Finals Open International PKO tournament (20:00-20:30)
  • LADIES World Finals (20:30-22:00)

Sunday the 12th of september

  • Dutch Championships Panna Knock Out (12:00-16:00)
  • PRO World Finals (18:00-22:00)

Please be aware that this is subject to changes due to the COVID-19 measures.

Below you can find all the information about the tournaments, participants, prizes etc.!

Open international Panna Knock Out tournament

By popular request we’re introducing an open international tournament for anyone to join! We’ll do this in the categories U15 and 16+. This tournament will be played with the classic Panna Knock Out rules.

The U15 winner wins a big cup and eternal fame and the 16+ winner qualifies for the 16th and last spot in the PRO World Finals!

Click here to sign up for the Open International U15 tournament. (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Click here to sign up for the Open International 16+ tournament.  (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Ladies World Finals (NEW!)

After the Pannahouse Ladies Tournament last May we know one thing for sure; there are lots of female ballers! We’ll gather 8 of the best in the world in Rotterdam for the LADIES World Finals.

The winner wins € 250!

8 selected players (NO registration possible)

Dutch Championships

After more than 48 tournaments all around the country this year the best ballers of The Netherlands will be playing the Dutch Championships on Sunday afternoon from 12:00 till 16:00. The Championships will be played in the categories U13 and 14+.

All Championship ticket winners will receive an information e-mail soon.

U13 winner wins € 100 and 14+ winner wins € 250!

Tickets + wildcards only (NO registration possible)

PRO World Finals

Only the best of the best ballers in the world are ready for this.

Is somebody going to beat the KING Noah Kofi!?

Top 15 selection (+ winner of the International Open PKO 16+)

NO registration possible.

Noah Kofi (DEN) is de nieuwe Panna KO kampioen!

The Panna Knock Out World Finals are part of Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend. This takes place from the 4th till the 12th of september and is a festival full of hiphop culture, street arts, knowledge, street sports and crossovers all round Rotterdam. More info on