Start the weekend dancing on the Spotify list from Gini Wijnaldum

This week we have the Spotify list of a professional football player who shows street football skills every week in his Liverpool shirt. We are talking about none other than Gini Wijnaldum. For him, football is a lifestyle and music is an important part of this lifestyle.
December 6, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Top 30 most painful panna’s in football, chosen by Fifa Bawz

Panna’s are not only on the street, but also on the field with football! Today we take a look at the top 30 most painful panna’s ever in football. Fifa Bawz made a video where he takes a look at these panna’s.
December 5, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Adam Ch09: “I want to highlight the artistic dimension of freestyle”

Today we talk with Adam Ch, a street footballer with a big passion for the street and the artistic dimension. He wants to express that with sick content, in this content he brings the main focus at the artistic dimension of freestyling.
December 4, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, from street boy in a poor immigrant district to a superstar in football

Today we talk about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a true example for many. Began on the street in a poor neighborhood in Rosengard. Played as a superstar for clubs as Ajax, FC Barcelona, Inter and AC Milan.
December 3, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

After WSF with Jassim Mazouz: ‘’The best part was that I made my parents happy and proud!’’

In the new serie ‘After WSF’ talk with the winners of World of Street Football 2019 Today we talk with the winner of the Youth World Championshiops Panna Knock Out, Jassim Mazouz.
December 2, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Mohammed Ihattaren, from crying after losing a game and copying tricks from Ronaldinho on his way to the top

Mohammed Ihattaren, from crying after losing a game and copying tricks from Ronaldinho on his way to the top. In the conversation with FUNX he tells about his time on the street.
December 1, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Mahrez street football player on the top: ‘I was so thin, because I always missed dinner’

Riyad Mahrez, star player from Manchester City. Also, former player of Leicester City’s team that became champions of the Premier League in 2016. In this season he earned the price for ‘best player of the season’.
November 30, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Ronaldo can’t appreciate panna from Bonucci

Cristiano Ronaldo normally gave panna’s, but on training from Juventus the Portuguese received a panna from Leonardo Bonucci. He could not appreciate it, based on his reaction.
November 29, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Street football players Ziyech en Promes excel in Champions League

On the verge of hibernation in the Champions League they let the world enjoy their game too this year. The shiners Hakim Ziyech and Quincy Promes. Two footballers from the street. Who bring the skills learned from the street back to the field.
November 28, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

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