Easy Man: “I would like to create my own comic book”

Easy Man VS Nasser el Jackson

Today an interview with one of the best street soccer players in the world; two-time world champion Panna Knock Out Jeand Doest AKA Easy Man. Easy man has been involved in football all his life and he inspires many people with his Pannas. In this interview you will get a better idea of ​​who he is, what he still wants to achieve and what his opinion is about the current street football scene.

You have been through a lot and met a lot of people. What are you most proud of?

I have indeed been through a lot, but what I am most proud of is that I got to hang out with Usain Bolt. I also thought it was great that I could play football against my idol Ronaldinho at a major tournament in India. I’ll never forget that. Actually all my experiences from New York to India are super nice and inspiring.

What goes through your mind when you are back to back with your opponent?

For me there is nothing more beautiful than the moment just before the whistle goes off. I am back to back with my opponent, and I forget about everything around me. I am full of adrenaline and ready for the battle. The only thing I still focus on is the win!

Easy Man

Who has been your hardest opponent so far?

That’s a tricky question. I think my toughest opponent was Soufiane Bencok. Soufiane is left legged, just like me. That makes it extra difficult for me. We both have a crazy style, but he is a little faster in his actions than I am, and that’s what makes him so good. He’s a really good player and someone to watch out for.

Who do you think is the biggest talent in the scene right now?

Currently I think Noah Kofi from Pannahouse Copenhagen is the greatest talent. Noah has shown this year that all his training he has done at Pannahouse Copenhagen has not been in vain. His training has paid off and he became World Champion Panna Knock Out last month.

Jeand Doest in de Pannakooi

Which street football players would you choose if you could put together a 3 vs 3 team?

If I could form a 3-a-side team I would choose Orry Promes and Achmed Rakaba. Orry & Achmed both have a different style, which I really like. They are also real champions. Of course they have already showed that they are champions!

What would you still like to achieve?

Of course I have already achieved a lot in my career. But what else would I like to do? I’ve always wanted to have my own comic book, in which I play the hero myself. I would call the comic book Easy Man; Hero. In this way I can inspire the youth even more to play street football, and that is what I am doing it for!