Yesterday, Panna Knock Out has given a nice entertainment in pannastyle during the opening party of the PRO33 college in Amersfoort! Together with Easy Man and breakdancers Luciano and Justen, our crew gave more than 250 students an unforgettable day.

The party began with a smashing performance of the one and only Yes-R. Directly after the show, Easy Man took the students with him outside and gave a show in the panna cage. Easy Man also challenged them to play a 1vs1 panna game against him.

Panna Knock Out tournament
Many students participated on the Panna Knock Out tournament that we organised for this day. The battle was on and there were very talented players. The first 16 students that won three games in a row won an official Monta ball out of the hands from the one and only Easy Man.

Easy Man challenge
In the meantime, we all know that Easy Man can give a panna. That’s why we made it a bit more difficult for him. We gave him two challenges for this day.

1. Give a panna as never before

2. Give 20 panna’s in 15 minutes

Check below if the challenge has succeeded!

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