Freestyle Footballers in The Netherlands started the year 2019 in a good way. Friday 4 January and Saturday 5 January there is organized a Freestyle Footbal Weekend by Freestyle Football The Netherlands. This year the second edition took place and it was on a new location, the gym of Dynamo in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The weekend was dominated by their passion for freestyle football, fun, development and there was a special guest!

The special guest was an Italian freestyle football champion Luca Chiarvesio. The man has 42k followers on his Instagram luca95freestyle and many freestyle footballers that were present during this weekend look up to him.

On Instagram, Luca shows that he has had a great time in Eindhoven and has trained a lot with the Dutch freestyle football community. “Watching so many freestylers training together is always motivating, even when legs are gone already.”

The freestylers have shown their best side and that delivered spectacular images.

Check the best tricks of the Freestyle Football Weekend below!