Fortnite is a shooting game that occupies many boys in their free time. Who doesn’t know it? It’s a hype at the moment. Just like the special Fortnite dances. One of those dances seems to be based on a dance move that American rapper 2 Milly used in his music video in 2014 of his track ‘Milly Rock’. This was a reason for 2 Milly to sue Epic Games, maker of Fortnite.

The dance move of 2 Milly is called the ‘Milly Rock’ and that move went viral. You saw it everywhere in the time that the song was released. The unique dance was copied by many other artists and of course half YouTube. And now also by the characters in Fortnite!

Pay for the dance

The dance in the game is not the reason for 2 Milly to sue Epic Games, what led him to indictment is the fact that players have to pay Epic Games for the dance. In the game, the dance is called ‘Swipe It’ and it can only be used when you pay five dollars. Because the game is so popular you can say that a lot is earned on the ‘Milly Rock’.

2 Milly isn’t the only one

The dance isn’t the only thing that is being used in games. Panna trick ‘The Ankle Breaker’ of street football player Randall do Rosario is a trick that gamers can use in FIFA 19. Should he also consider accusing FIFA?

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