Akkamist ‘’I dream of playing in FIFA street Volta’’

Akkamist’ Starting with an open Instagram account in May 2019 and in the meantime has grown into a channel with almost 68 thousand followers. We talk to him to find out more about the guy behind  ‘Akkamist’ and his way of living.  

We all know you as Akkamist, but who is Akkamist anyway?

My real name is Joris Sebregts, I’m 15 years old and come from Vleuten, Netherlands where I currently live. My passion, football, drive me alive. Street football is what makes me and where I put many hours hours in daily. I think the street is the best place to develop!

When did you start and what was the mainspring to start?

Since my 4th I play football almost every day. This is my passion! I still playing field football, but the thing I like the most from that, were the actions, something you do constantly with playing football on the street. This is how I bring the things I like the most on the field to the street in learning and creating more skills! He started with an open account on Instagram in May 2019 called ‘Akkamist’, he likes to show his own and learned skills on this account. If we ask him if he had a big example this period, Joris said: ‘’Definitely, my biggest example in street football is Jack Downer, I do learn a lot of his skills.’’ It’s clear that Jack Downer, also famous from the channel ‘Street_Panna’, is a fan of Joris his skills. The two of them will make a YouTube video very soon!

You’re growing really fast on Instagram last months, what do you think of this success?

I think it’s obviously great, it’s great that so many people watch your videos and told you they got inspired by me! Fame and many followers bring of course really cool things with it, people recognized Joris a lot while he is playing on the courts. Joris says laughing: ‘’Most of the time when I’m on the streets I’m making pictures with people instead of playing football.’’ A lot of the video’s made by Joris picked up by major channels like 433, a platform where millions of people see the own created content of Joris. If we ask Joris why he thinks that a channel like 433 repost his content, he says: ‘’I think because they think I’m making cool and unique content, that’s why they repost me.’’ That Joris makes unique content is obviously clear! His content is reposted on 433 many times. Below you see one of these videos reposted by 433.

With all the new fame Joris get, he still not changed as a person. He does really like that his content is so popular and got reposted by 433, because this is really good for his followers and the applications of businesses. Joris: ‘’But I do not change because of that, it’s important to stay true to yourself and do what you always did.’’

How do you see your future in front of you?

If we ask Joris where his focus will be in the upcoming months, he tells us: ‘’Actually, just what I always do, focus on getting better at football. First, Joris will make sure he gets his diploma. This is to create more time for football, otherwise he surely makes time for it by himself, told Joris laughing. When we ask Joris what his dream is, he tells us: ‘’A dream for me in street football is to get in in FIFA Street Volta!’’ But until then we will enjoy the insane content that Joris makes and can be seen on his Instagram account.