15 features of a street football player !

Street football players can do crazy skills with a ball. They also have an image and some of them are a rol model for youth on the streets. You can quickly recognize a street football player and we have written down 15 features of them. If you are a real street football player you will recognize most of the features in yourself!

1. You will not often see a street football player without a ball

2. Street football players are always ready to give a panna… So, watch out when you see one. You obviously don’t want to be humiliated…

3. A street football player is always wary for panna’s! As soon as someone walks around with a ball, the legs close.

4. Street football players are homies!

5. A street football player loves a FIFA game. Do you know a street football player that never played FIFA? We neither…

6. You can hear it in the name. Street football players are from the streets and if you are from the streets, street language can’t be missed. 

7. A street football player knows what it’s like to get a ball from under a car. 

8. You are not a street football player if you have never played with this ball…

9. A street football player wears the newest shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas or PUMA.

10. Street football players love to listen to Urban music like HipHop, R&B, Rap and Reggaeton. 

11. You know them, tracksuits from football clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. Street football players are walking in these kinds of tracksuits almost daily.

12. The famous street football players are always active on social media, especially Instagram. They post crazy tricks and tutorials for their fans and follow other street football players.

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13. Street football players area always ready to play a game, it doesn’t matter where they are and what they are wearing. Jeans, an elegant polo, they don’t care!

14. Street football players love to dance !

15. Every street football player has played football until the late hours, even without light.

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