5 professional football players that are addicted to Fortnite

Fortnite, who doesn't know it... The game that is developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly...
March 25, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Start the weekend dancing on the Spotify playlist of Jasseminho!

Street football is more than just kicking a ball on the street. Street football is a lifestyle...
March 22, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Throwback Thursday: World Championship Panna hosted by Pannahouse!

The Invitationals 2019, hosted by Copenhagen Pannahouse, is known as the biggest street football tournament in the world...
March 21, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Street Society Cup brings top street football players from different countries together in Rotterdam

Last Saturday, 16th of March, a crazy street jam took place during the Street Society Cup in Rotterdam.
March 19, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Throwback Thursday: Ballers record a video with Real Madrid star Marcelo at Tango League Amsterdam

Recording a video with an International superstar, who doesn't want that...
March 14, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

New streetsoccer concept in Belgium!

Belgian street football fans pay attention! For all Belgian street football players there is a new streetsoccer concept!
March 8, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Ajax star Hakim Ziyech donates 185.000 euro to a cancer fund

We all know Hakim Ziyech has a golden left leg foot, but did you also know that he has a golden heart?
February 26, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Intersport & Nike organize street football tournament in Barcelona

Saturday, January 16th, was the day where many street football fans in Barcelona were waiting for...
February 18, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

Leaders of streetfootball communities come together

On Tuesday, January 29th, the leaders of street football communities from various countries met to talk about...
January 30, 2019/by Panna Knock Out

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