PUMA is one of the major players in today’s football market and is always innovating in an attempt to maintain and strengthen this position. In the summer of 2018 we started our co-operation with PUMA in the search for the #NewLevels player, or the new street football talent in the Benelux! For this, Easy Man went on his search by putting various challenges online for 32 street football talents, where they were given a few days to complete this challenge.

As a highlight in this quest, all 32 talents were invited to the Elite Panna Tournament, including 16 of the best street football players from around 10 different countries, such as Denmark, France, Germany and Belgium.

On the basis of the challenges and the performance of the street football players during the event, the winner was chosen, who eventually went on tour with Easy Man through 6 different Aktiesport stores to test the latest PUMA ONE and FUTURE shoes and show them to the crowd in the Netherlands! The big winner was the 16-year-old Mehdi Amri, closely followed by the talents Youniceff and Appie Aurag!