Laureus Panna Knock Out Cup & PannAcademy


In 2013, Panna Knock Out offered, in collaboration with many partners, a lot of tournaments in the Netherlands. The winners of these tournaments competed for the Laureus Panna Knock Out Cup on May 20, 2013 in the Olympic Stadium. The winners Mo Houri (men), Cherise Schelts (woman) and Yassine Khouakhi (youth) received the Laureus Cup from ambassador Edwin van der Sar.

Panna Knock Out and Laureus Nederland also offered young people the opportunity to develop themselves under the name of Laureus PannAcademy. The heroes of Panna Knock Out were given a helping hand by training them to be the coach of their own neighborhood. The heroes offered the youth from the neighborhood a football school, where they could play football weekly. With this they gave youth the opportunities to improve their school performance and behavior. There were organized a lot of workshops for the neighborhood, where they received personal guidance.


  • The Laureus Panna Knock Out Cup took place the same time as the Copa Amsterdam
  • The Laureus Panna Knock Out Cup was part of the Amsterdam Sports weekend
  • Realized in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam District East


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