2017 – Dutch Open Championship PANNA


The Dutch Open Championhip, like previous years, was held during the KNVB Street football Games. This is the biggest national street football event in The Netherlands. The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht had been picked as this year’s location and with more than 3000 visitors the event was well visited.

Because of the open entry for the Panna Knock Out Dutch Championship, there was an attendance of more than a thousand contestants. The tournament was split into two categories. The big winner at the U12 was Omar Hamoutha, while the 13+ category was won by Mohammed Taous.

Besides the Dutch Open Championship Panna, we hosted stunning show by freestyler Tom Vegter world champion panna Jeand Doest and world champion groundmoves Nasser el Jackson.  


  • Over 3000 spectators at the event
  • Ultimate street experience for the community
  • More than 1000 Dutch Open Championship competitors 
  • Online reach of +50.000 through influencers at the event

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