Biography Kristoffer Liicht

Kristoffer Liicht is one of the keyleaders of street football and one of the best street football players in the world!

Liicht is the chairman of the Panna Knock Out foundation and has an important role in the globalizing of panna- and streetfootball worldwide. Liicht is also one of the three founders of Pannahouse. Pannahouse is a cultural movement inspired by street football. With his professional street football team, he inspires the youth worldwide and ensures the bond and growth of the community.

Pannahouse is one of the biggest and most important street football community in the world.
Kristoffer Liicht is one of the leaders and has a major role in the organization. He organizes several big  international events with his crew, purely from love and without any profit motive.


One of the three founders of Pannahouse
Shows in over 40+ countries such as Japan, USA and England
3rd place Panna House Invitationals 2017
Ambassador Panna Knock Out

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