The Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond is the Dutch Football Association. The KNVB not only includes field football, but also street football and futsal. In collaboration with the KNVB, events and activations are organized regularly. In 2017 for example, we organized the Dutch Championships Panna Knock Out & Dutch Championships Freestyle during the KNVB Street Football Games in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

In addition, our artists TomV, Easy Man and Nasser El Jackson were ambassadors for the KNVB (as the Street Lions) to enthuse children and inspire them to play football more often on the street.

With incredible skills and infectious personalities, young people were bound to the adventures of the Street Lions. In collaboration with various international street football players, such as S3 (including Séan Garnier), Pannahouse (with Liicht and Aminb among others), Pannastreetz (with M10, Hakim Amrani Elias Tadili), and various Youtubers like Luckygraaf and Hetgames, several original concepts were produced for Youtube and Instagram.

This way, street football in the Netherlands got a big boost on online channels and unique content was created to inspire Dutch street football players and youth!