The Kingdom of the Netherlands has been supporting Panna Knock Out since 2006. In collaboration with the embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a record number of tournaments abroad have been organized. With panna, the Dutch embassies presented a typical Dutch, multicultural sport with respect and tolerance. Respect and tolerance are the core values ​​of the organization.

The network of the embassies was used to create local support for Panna Knock Out. Through the network and the local partners, Panna Knock Out has proven that they are successful in the Netherlands and in similar situations abroad.


  • Panna Knock Out tournaments organized in 19 new countries
  • Created fame worldwide
  • Introduced kids with panna football in various continents
  • Represented The Netherlands on a social level in a large number of countries
Belgie – Tournaments and shows in multiple cities from 2006
Brazilië – Tour São Paulo, April 2010
– Executor in São Paulo and Minas Gerais
– Tournament Rio de Janeiro, November 2012
Chili  Tournaments in Santiago, 2015
Denemarken  Tournament in Copenhagen, 2013
Frankrijk – Tournaments in and around Paris in 2009, 2010 and 2011
– Executor in France
Ghana – Executor in Kumasi
Indonesië – Excecutor in Java
Macedonië – Tournament in Skopje, 2011
– Partnership Macedonian Football Association
Marokko – Tournaments in Casablanca, Tanger, Al Hoceima and Nador, 2010
Mexico – Tournament in 2015 and partnership in development
Nederland – Tournament from 2004 and Dutch Championship from 2005
Oekraine – Tournaments on the occasion of the European Championship 2012
Oostenrijk – Tournament in Wenen, 2012
Polen – Tournaments on the occasion of the European Championship 2012
Qatar – Tournament during trade mission in 2012
Spanje – Tournaments in 2012
Turkije – Tournament in Istanbul, 2009
– Tournament in Adana and Iskenderun, 2012
Verenigd Koninkrijk – Tournaments in Hull, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast and London, 2008, 2009 and 2010

– Executor in Londen
– Tournament in Derry, Northern Ireland, 2013

Zwitserland – Tournaments in Bern, 2008


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