Panna Knock Out Athem

Around the launch of the ‘Anthem Pack’, PUMA was looking for a way to become irrelevant and credible to his target group. They used the theme music. PUMA has chosen music because, for example gaming, it is a part of the football culture which many young people today playing 24/7. These young people who are obsessed with the game belong to the target group of PUMA. Our job was to activate the Anthem Pack in an relevant and credible way.

Our Panna Knock Out platform is a lifestyle itself and serves a loyal fan base the matches PUMA’s target audience. To reach this target group, we sought collaboration with two of the most popular rappers of the moment: Kevin and Lijpe. Both gentlemen have a (street) football past. Kevin played for years in the youth academy of Excelsior Rotterdam. Together with his producer Spanker, we had all the ingredients to develop a song as an ode to contemporary street football and the culture around it. Above all, it should  not be too commercial and that is why the expectations, apart form a guideline and concept, was deliberately very minimal in order to get the most out of the qualities of the artists. The end result is above all expectations and ‘Kilometers’ has been christened to official Panna Knock Out Anthem.


  • Online campaign: 30,000,000+ views
  • Spotify streams: 10,500,000 +
  • YouTube streams: 2,300,000+
  • In a extremely relevant target group!