Are you on #NewLevels?! Powered by Puma!


PUMA wants to give the street football in the Benelux a push and wants to get more involved with the ‘hustlers’ in the street football world. Besides that, the sports giant wants to create more visibility around the tagline #NewLevels ánd the new PUMA ONE’s and FUTURE’s.

In June 2018, world champion panna Easy Man started the search for the best street football talent with PUMA, in other words the #NewLevels player. The 32 best street football players from the Benelux accepted the challenge to show that they were on #NewLevels!

On the Instagram channel a weekly challenge came online where Easy Man showed his skills and explained how the participants could complete the 8 challenges. The winner won €1.000,- and went on tour with Easy Man in collaboration with PUMA and Aktiesport.

Retail activations

Besides creating visibility, the ‘hustlers’ also got the chance to test the shoes. Retail activations took place at six different Aktiesport stores in the cities Rotterdam, Tilburg, Zwolle, Apeldoorn, Breda en Groningen to ensure an optimal product experience. At the first retail activation the winner of the #NewLevels search was announced: the 15-year old Belgian Mehdi Amri!

  • More than 2 million views on social media
  • Increased store traffic at Aktiesport activations
  • Positive brand feeling among national and international street footballers

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