3-in-1 pannaboarding

Do you want to get several steet football players playing at the same time? Than is the inflatable boarding a suitable addition! We can produce the boarding in any size, color and branding.

Boarding with your brand on it

The 3-in-1 pannaboarding can be delivered fully customized in the any color with your brand. It is also possible to put Velcro on the boarding to stick your logo on it. It can create visibility for (possible) sponsors.
For more information and questions about our 3-in-1 pannaboarding, please refer to our contact page.

Specifications 3-in-1 pannaboarding

  • 1 vs 1 games
  • 3 fields
  • Field size: 4 x 6 meter
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 7.6 m
  • Hight: 80 cm
  • Power: 1100 Watt / 2200 Volt
  • Perfect for big events
  • Available in any color
  • Possible to place your brand on it
  • Possible to place Velcro on it