KNVB Street football District and grand finals 2013, 2014, 2015


Panna Knock Out organized the street football tournaments and the grand finale on behalf of the KNVB in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.  It was our job to ensure that the finals would be unforgettable.

2013 was the first time we provided the final with the necessary entertainment. Jeand Doest provided the necessary attention. The row to challange Jeand in a game of Pole Soccer remained infinite. TomV and Nick Zieren were able to entertain the visitors with the Quick Feet and the Smartgoals. Not only visitors of the event, also passing tourists wanted to break the record of these two freestylers. Besides the side events, the boys showed their skills during performances on the big playing field. Where beatboxer Rude Beats caught all the attention on stage with his amazing beats, there were ridiculously many WOOOW! moments on the field where Urban E-Motion performed a crazy show. DJ Josip and the other available Dr.WOOOW! artists made the KNVB street football final a real party!

During the final in 2014, Dr.WOOOW!  also provided the proper entertainment. For example, Julio Pimentel stole the show with a juggling act, Urban e-Motion has put everything on its heels with the coolest tricks in all kinds of sports disciplines and of course football freestyler TomV and panna football players Jeand Doest and Rocky could not be missed. You  had the chance to show your football skills at the side events like the Quickfeet, M-Station, Power Tower and SmartGoals.

At the 2015 final there were four KNVB street football ambassadors: Jeand Doest, Nasser El Jackson, TomV and Rocky. Each one of them took care of various gigs this day. World champion panna Jeand Doest challenged anyone who dared in  the panna cage . Freestylers Nasser El Jackson and TomV showed their skills throughout the day. During the urban sports show, the audience was able to watch the greatest talents in streetdance, breakdance, freerunning, tricking and freestyle football.


  • Promovideo viewed for more than 4 million times on YouTube
  • Promovideo viewed for more than 2 million times on Facebook in 3 months
  • A growth of more than 4.000 followers on Instagram
  • A growth of more than 3.000 likes on Facebook
  • KNVB Street football project got a tangible face through street football ambassadors

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