Ziyech found young fan from Lille

Today we take a look at the day of the Champions League match between Lille and Ajax. There was a special moment during the game on the 27thof November. A fan from Lille run to his idol Hakim Ziyech to meet him. Special moment with a bad aftertaste, because when the kid was gone Ziyech gave his shirt away to his ‘father’.

Ziyech supporter from Lille

Yassine went with his mother to the Champions League match between Lille and Ajax. Since he lives in Lille, he is a big fan of Hakim Ziyech, that came out well on this day. The he decides to run on the field during the game. No steward who defeats him. No, a hug from his hero! The unexpected meeting between the two calls endearment worldwide. The Ajax striker whispers to the kid that he really needs to go from the field. Because there were only 20 minutes left to play. Ziyech promises him his shirt. After the 0-2 win from Ajax, the Moroccan international was searching for the boy, but he couldn’t find him. Then a man, who claims to be the father of the boy, asked for the shirt. Ziyech intends to fulfill his promise and the man hands over his shirt to the man.

But it was not his father according to Yassine. In fact, he was just with his mother at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy. ,,I couldn’t come back to receive the shirt from Hakim, because I was in a hurry. My mother was waiting for me because of the traffic. Someone claimed to be my father and took the shirt, ‘’ said the little man against the Moroccan football site Almarssadpro.  


There was recently some commotion because of the t-shirt from Ziyech, who was for sale on eBay, it would be offered by Yassine. In the meantime, the seller from Lomme, near to Lille, deleted the first ad. At his second ad on eBay, there was already made a bid from €11.950 euros on the shirt, because it looks so authentic with the pinstripes on the t-shirt.

Yassine, who plays football in Lille wants only one thing: that Hakim Ziyech will not think he is ungrateful to him. Because he never received his shirt. ,,I would love to have a chance to get a shirt for Hakim.’’

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Search action to Lille fan

Ziyech used his social media platform to find the young fan, this is for finding the shirt. As you can read, the boy is found, and everybody knows who he is. This brings the everybody back in peace, because everybody is now familiar with the situation and how it all happened.