The 19-year-old Lisa Zimouche blows everyone away with her freestyle and panna skills!

In celebration of Women’s History Month, espnW presents “In Her Shoes,” a series of essays and features highlighting women, their journeys and perspectives on sports.

On the rooftop patio of Brooklyn’s newest indoor soccer facility, Socceroof, onlookers stare at a young woman balancing a ball on the sole of her upturned shoe. At 5-foot-3, she’s dwarfed by a yellow and black Puma bomber jacket, her wild mane of thick, dark hair pulled into a ponytail. While moving to a seated position, she continues juggling all the way to the ground, her feet parallel to the ground and each other.

She then starts to rise, balancing the ball on her forehead like a seal while sneaking a glance at a wide-eyed young girl emerging from a crowd of over 100. They wave to each other.

Her name is Lisa Zimouche, 19, one of the most visible and influential talismans in soccer’s freestyle subculture.

Written by: Dan Hajducky

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