Last Saturday, 16th of March, a crazy street jam took place during the Street Society Cup in Rotterdam. The tournament, a collaboration between Panna Knock Out, Panna House and Street Society DK, brought many streetfootball legends and talents together for a great and unique street football tournament.

With the Street Society project tournaments and clinics are organized annually in 16 districts in Copenhagen. These are neighborhoods where youth have little or no chance to go to a football club. Pannahouse and Street Society DK are committed to ensuring that these youth have a place to play. The youth are taken each year to a city to meet local community and to watch a football match. For the past two years they have been to Sevilla and Dortmund and this year they came to Rotterdam with a group of fifty young people. For this occasion we have decided to organize the Street Society Cup in collaboration with Panna House and Street Society DK, consisting of a 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 tournament. The boys from the Street Society project were given an active role during the tournament.

It was a successful day, with a fantastic atmosphere, crazy actions, pannas and street football players dancing all day. In addition to the fifty street football players from Denmark, a large number of street football players from other European countries were present. Players like, Soufiane Bencok, Mehdi Amri and Ferjani Safi came from Belgium, from France, Anas Boukami and Traffy, and with Larabii El Jackson there was even a Spanish street football player present! Besides that, Team El Jackson and Easy Man from the Netherlands were also present. Local youths were also welcome and participated also in the tournament.

The Belgians were the big winners of the day. The final in the 1vs1 went between Mehdi Amri and Ferjani Safi. Ferjani became the lucky winner. The 3vs3 tournament led to a blood-curdling final between Belgium and Denmark where even the VAR was called in and an golden goal was needed to get a winner. In the end, the team from Belgium, consisting of Adam, Achraf and Rayan, won the tournament. The day ended with a 5vs5 tournament, where the winner-stays format was used.

It was a very successful day. A special thanks to Monta for sponsoring the great prizes! This was just a warming -up for what will be organized in the near future. Keep following us and don’t miss anything!