Daily Eventz

Daily Eventz is a young company where social awareness and responsibility are just as important as the sport that she propagates. The team consists of ambitious entrepreneurs that have affinity with sport and empathy for the society. The events that Daily Eventz organizes stand as symbol for freedom, respect, interaction and fun. The concept is much more than just sport. Daily Eventz stimulates the social binding in the residential areas of The Netherlands. They combat hanging behavior and obesity among youth by using street football. For this Daily Eventz uses the binding power of sport and the use of credible and inspiring role models.

In collaboration with Daily Eventz we give clinics and we organise street football tournaments in the districts of Rotterdam. We do this by linking professional football players to the neighborhood they grew up in. They act as ambassadors in this. At the end we will organise a Rotterdam city final where all districts come together and compete for the title.