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Nowadays the Instagram of many celebrities are full of sponsor deals and captions like ‘use my discount code PANNA10 for 10% off’. The biggest football players in the world like Messi and Ronaldo can’t miss out on this of course. Besides their crazy salary they earn a “little” extra money by collaborating with big brands of, for example, shoes, headsets and watches. Professional footballers also often appear in commercials of famous brands. Despite the fact that Ronaldo earns the most money with sponsoring, the attacker of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, is a superstar on this subject.

At this moment, Neymar is the most popular football player with the most amount of sponsor deals on his name. Neymar has achieved this milestone because of the new sponsor deal he recently signed with the National Bank of Qatar. With this sponsor deal he become a global brand ambassador of the National Bank of Qatar. Neymar advertises for no less than 35 different companies where he earned 14 million euros extra with in 2018. This is mentioned in a news item of Football-Lifestyle.

Nike is the main sponsor of Neymar where he has a deal till 2022 and besides that he also earned his money out of deals with big brands like Jordan, Red Bull, McDonalds, Gillette, MasterCard, Honda and a lot more like this.

Nowadays, many football players have more followers than the pages of the football clubs where they play for. So, it certainly isn’t crazy that they focus on the football players themselves and their accounts. The youth isn’t only curious to the football anymore but also to the personal lives of the professional footballers. Because the young followers see a Neymar or Ronaldo as a role model, they are more likely to get tempted to buy the products that the football players promote.

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