In September 2018, the founder of Afrotrap, MHD, told the world he will stop making music. Now that the end has come, we take you back to the beginning of his career. A video, recorded during a holiday with friends in 2015 became the breakthrough of MHD’s career. The video scored millions of views within four days. 

On Instagram, MHD says he doesn’t feel himself at home in the music industry. He also says  that the success has a downside. Many people have doubts about the truth of the message that came out right before the release of his album. MHD responds to this on Instagram; “This is nothing strategic and it’s not a marketing trick. I speak with my heart. Nobody knows the downside of success. It is a way of life that is very difficult. Putting an end to everything is the best I can do.” Were the words of the boy from the ‘banlieues’ of Paris. 


The 23-year-old MHD, real name Mohamed Sylla, is a big football fan and someone who values his African roots a lot. He has named one of his songs Afro Trap Pt. 3 Champions League. He also has a song called Roger Milla, which is an ode to the Cameroonian footballer. In an interview with Revu MHD says “I just want to be Neymar. On the hip hop field.”