Mehmet el Jackson: “I am addicted to giving Pannas in the Panna cage”.


This week we had another great interview planned. This time it is an interview with Dutch Champion Panna Knock Out U13: Mehmet Ezer AKA Mehmet el Jackson! Mehmet belongs to the el Jackson family and knows how to hand out a Panna. In this interview you will learn more about Mehmet’s passion and his dreams for the future. You can also read where you can visit Mehmet to receive a Panna. Read more!

We see you at almost every tournament. What do you love about panna knock out?

Yes, I am present at almost every tournament. I am addicted to Panna Knock Out! I have been playing football since I was 5 years old. I don’t do anything but play football, but I really like Panna Knock Out. It is the only thing I enjoy doing; handing out free Pannas to people.

What does street football mean to you?

Street football is my passion, there are fewer rules and technology plays an important role. I couldn’t imagine life without football, specifically Panna Knock Out.

Mehmet el Jackson in a battle

What appeals to you within the street football scene?

What appeals to me is embarrassing people by giving them a Panna and letting them search for the ball. That’s the best feeling there is. People are often surprised that I am so young and still know how to give them a Panna haha!

Did you make friends through Panna?

Panna Knock Out is of course internationally known. This is also reflected in the tournaments. I have made many friends, young and old, and many people from different origins. I am really grateful for all the connections I have made so far. Some people might hate me too, but that’s because I’ve given them a Panna so many times haha!

Mehmet, you’re still super young. What are your dreams for the future?

I became Dutch champion this year and I want to develop myself even further. I also want to use street football for my field football. My technique is only getting better and the technique is good for my self-confidence. The technique I learn at Panna Knock Out comes in handy in the field! 

opponents in a battle

Do you still want to become world champion?

My dream is also to become world champion one day. I am sure I will be able to do this if I keep working hard and stay motivated. 

What did you think of the tournament you won on?

I loved the tournament. As with all Panna Knock Out tournaments, the atmosphere was super pleasant. I also got to know a lot of people. Also, during the day you can watch famous street football players who are also present. For that reason alone, I would advise everyone to participate in a Panna Knock Out tournament! 

At which field did you start playing street football?

For me it all started at Henegouwerplein in Rotterdam West. I’ve been playing here since I was 5, and everyone knows me there ever since. It is a super cozy field with all kinds of different people and nationalities from the area. If you want to receive a Panna from me you have to come there!