Saturday, 12 January, the first streetwear collection of Juventus was unveiled at the White Street Market in Milan. This unique clothing collection, ‘The Icon’, goes beyond the sports world, with this clothing collection fans can express their passion daily.

With ‘The Icon’ collection, Juventus leaves a mark in the fashion world. The collection is set up by Juve without help of a famous brand, this makes the collection extra powerful. It’s a great combination of football & fashion that comes together in this streetwear collection.

The collection
The clothing collection has influences of the 90’s and consists of original and exclusive designs, from loose-fit to hoodies and jackets. Besides the traditional black and white colours of Juventus, the collection is enhanced by other colours such as purple and army green. The new Juventus logo, that is designed in 2017, is printed or sewn on each clothing piece. With this clothing, Juventus wants the influence of the club go beyond than just the football world.

Juventus launched ‘The Icon’ collection at White Street Market, the first Italian event dedicated to fashion and street culture. This took place during the Milanese Men’s Fashion Week in Tortona Fashion District from 12 to 14 January.

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