Jack downer AKA Street Panna: ‘At first I thought I was good at football, but I got destroyed at Panna.’

This week we have another interview planned, this time with the English legend Jack Downer AKA Street Panna. Jack has worked hard to get where he is today. Curious about his adventure? Read on soon!

Jack! What a pleasure to do an interview with you! We know you’re one of the hardest working ballers in the game. How do you manage to keep up the discipline, even in lockdown?

Thank you firstly! Pleasure is mine- it’s not hard for me to keep discipline and in fact I have been fortunate enough to find a lot of pleasure in lockdown, despite the numerous inconveniences! This is because I can train every day for as long as I want, it is like when I was a kid again, without work! Haha there is nothing I want to do more than improve in every aspect of my life each day, and the aspect I love the most is Panna.

What was the moment you fell in love with street football?

The first time I got given a Panna, it was like a fire started where I needed to get revenge haha. Not in a personal way, but I was amazed to experience this whole world. I thought I was good at football but I got destroyed, I needed to master the ball in that way, and it’s such a fun process to try and do so!

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Without a doubt my Dad, I’m inspired by him daily. I’m very fortunate to have the family that I do. My mum took me to my first Panna club, and my dad took me to tournaments abroad, even when we had no money. My dad was a boxer and from early I have always seen him train, his talent inside and outside of sport astounds me and he shows me how to live a good life, I’m proud to be his son and I try to compete to his level with all the knowledge he gives me- he was a world champion. Dad has been unable to attend any Panna tournaments recently as he has been working abroad with travel restrictions, but when he is at the next one I will win no doubt lol.

Who would you choose if you could pick your own 3vs3 squad?

Wow this is a great question, I would have to go with Radheya marca and Bill Mack, my best training partners and top players ready to represent the Uk! But big shout outs to Db,Johno, sp9 and the rest of the London Bridge crew.

International players however; issy hitman- undisputed legend, Ed van gils, same applies but also he has taught me loads about 3v3, then mads from Denmark, he has the best fake shot I swear haha.

You’ve met a lot of big football players like Paul Pogba and Frank Lampard in your career. Which player impressed you the most with his skills?

Recently Kai havertz. He picked up every skills first time and had a lot of akka’s in his locker, pro’s nowadays have it all.

How did you feel after your first big panna tournament Superball win?

I was happy for sure, more happy because Billy also made it to the final so this was a great moment as we train every day so I think we deserved it! Made me excited for the next tournaments.

What are your dreams/goals for 2021?

  • To be able to continue training, and minimise my injury problems! Spread Panna, support the Uk scene ! To learn more regarding Panna, 3v3 and 5v5
  • To try and inspire more to enjoy the sport
  • Show that with hard work anyone can make it
  • Aaaaand to win a world championship here or there haha

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ten years wow, I will be 32, hopefully Panna has progressed massively. If so, I would love to be competing, I will be in my prime as an athlete then and hope I will still be applying my skills to Panna! If not who knows what I will be competing in, maybe futsal maybe 11-a-side.
But at this point I know my mum won’t have to work anymore, and hopefully my dad also- I hope to be able to spend time with them, my family and friends, and to be able to retire if I want hahahah.

What would you like to say to the youngsters who want to become the new Street Panna?

Hahaha if you want to be like me feel free to message me and I will try my best to help in any way! But what I will tell you all is to enjoy the process, work hard and if you enjoy working hard you will go far! Find your own style, not just in Groundmoves but your own identity on and off the ball! What you wear, how you ball, what you stand for is all important in street football, so be confident; don’t worry about likes or follows, work to improve your talent because one day talent will get you followers and likes. Ronaldo never cared about followers and he has the most! + always teach a friend Panna, I have made many life long friends from Panna so I hope you can too!

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