‘I played football on the streets, and they organized a lot of activities that we could go to’

Last Sunday mister Monta Edgar Davids was invited at VTBL, the most watched football talk show in the Netherlands, presented by Humberto Tan where they talked about his career and his business. Davids told that he is currently busy with social projects. He ensures that young people go to school and he helps them to find a job.

As a guest at VTBL, Humberto Tan asked what Edgar Davids is doing nowadays and Davids said the following:

I’m busy with work, I do a lot of social things like, SVBN (Street Football Association of the Netherlands) and StreetPro, who brings young people back to school and helps them to get a job. At the end of the trip, many children got their diploma and we helped them to get a job. ”

Edgar Davids is, together with Humberto Tan and many others, founder of SVBN. SVBN believes in the power of Street Football as a social tool. They have declared May 5 as National Street Football Day. With the foundation of SVBN, Davids wanted to take his social responsibility. With this he wants to contribute in his own way to find a solution for the neighborhood problems in the focused areas in the Netherlands.

During his career, Davids played 74 international matches for the Dutch national team and played at major clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Ajax, Inter Milan and Juventus. At Juventus, Davids played together on the midfield with Zidane and Nedved. The first mentioned person is currently head coach of Real Madrid and Nedved is Sporting Director of Juventus. Humberto Tan said it was crazy to think that Davids is not involved in field football and is engaged in social work. David’s answer to this:

“Why not? If you look at how I grew up, you can see that we can really enjoy playing football through those social institutions. I played football on the street and they organized activities where we went to. Because you go there you meet young people who will go in a completely different direction later in life. You can see what the difference is if you make a positive story of it. We are not all going to be professional footballers or millionaires, but there are also young people who see no other options and therefore end up in the wrong environment. If you give those kids a helping hand or guide them in a certain way, they can bring positivity to the society and that’s what you want to see, because you don’t want them to go the other way. ”

Besides that Davids is busy with the SVBN and StreetPro, he is also busy with his brand Monta Streets which is becoming increasingly popular. Keep your eyes open… you will more about him….

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