Griezmann from training on the streets to the top  

Antoine Griezmann is currently one of the biggest players in Europe. After the lost final of the European championships with the French team in 2016. The 28-year-old star player from Atletico Madrid want to win a title with his homeland. And not just one. He won the World Cup and took thus perhaps the best price that can be achieved as a footballer. The current footballer of FC Barcelona and PUMA athlete did not come here without a state. We discus the way to the top, Antoine Griezmann who began on the streets.

‘The making of a legend’ Antoine Griezmann from the streets

Antoine was improving himself by training every morning. That’s what Antoine Griezmann did. It was not the easy way he survived. Together with his dad he visited a lot of French clubs. With one dream, become a pro football player. In the documentary ‘The making of a legend, Antoine Griezmann’ Netflix follow that way. You see how his dad and other people who are close to Antoine helping him to be a professional football player. Antoine did everything for it. Training, training and training, his father described him as a hard worker. Antoine was always on the streets to improve himself and get better. Something what pays back now. Below the trailer of the documentary.

Griezmann at Real Sociedad

After a lot of training on the street, visit clubs and giving everything, he had. Real Sociedad were interested in Antoine, he came for training camp to show what he can. After that camp he joined Real Sociedad. It was not an easy time, without his family, Antoine was going for his dream in Spain. Which gave him his career with the 1stteam of Sociedad. He made his debut for the club in the second division of Spain. Where he became champions with the club. A dream story, where all the hard work has paid off, which began on the street.

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Griezmann from the streets to Barcelona

Finally, the dream story between Real Sociedad an Antoine Griezmann became to an end.  He moved to Madrid, where he earned a transfer to Atletico Madrid. Here he became the big man. He was a great player for the famous French national team and Atletico. With the French team he also won the World Cup. A dream that was made on the streets as a young boy and now became reality. As topic of his career Antoine earned last summer a transfer to one of the biggest clubs in the world, FC Barcelona.

Began on the streets training every day for a place in pro football. Believing is what Antoine Griezmann did, believing in his own qualities, what brings him where he is now.