Core values of Panna

There are 3 main values that every panna player should try to keep.
The values are:



When playing panna, respect is key, as in every sport and showing a good attitude towards each and every player one faces regardless of their level of play is very important. As most people know and have heard, respect is earned and never a given. Watching the way you treat others will in turn earn you respect.

Respectful play is shown in the game of panna i.e. shaking hands with your opponent before and after each match, an unwritten rule but abided by most panna players would be to offer the ball back to your opponent if you feel that you might have unfairly kicked or pushed them. This type of fair play in a match is a great sign and test of character and is praised by most in the street and panna scene and ultimately gains respect.

Humiliating skills like pulling down the opponent’s shorts/trousers, flicking their hat off during the match, gloating at your opponent if you give a panna, not listening to the referee’s decisions are unacceptable.

Being on the receiving end of a panna can be humiliating so good sportsmanship is to receive it well and to not gloat when you give one. This is a true test of character.


Panna is a unique game unlike any other where style, fancy footwork and crazy skills are showcased at the highest level, pitting the best and most creative styles against each other in a gladiator type setting. This spectacle brings a huge and very important entertainment aspect to the game of panna. This in turn draws in a range of spectators who watch and wait for the unexpected raw street skills to be performed to either score goals or get the ultimate panna.

Winning a match by goals alone is great but coupled with style and creativity can make panna truly one of the most entertaining sports to watch.

Panna players are encouraged to be creative, innovative and unique with their styles of play which makes them also stand out.


Panna is a game played individually which often means people can be isolated with no like minded people to train with or support them. This is why the street community is an integral part in the growth, improvement and promotion of the sport worldwide.

Groups such as Pannastreetz, Pannahouse, Pannahome, Yo! Street Zone and many more, help provide the vital support needed to build street communities locally, nationally and internationally through workshops, videos/social media, and competitions.

It is important to make sure to stay in touch with those who do and play panna as it not only helps you keep updated with the latest news and upcoming events, but also helps players to train together learn from and encourage one another. That’s how the street family grows!