After WSF with Jassim Mazouz: ‘’The best part was that I made my parents happy and proud!’’

Jassim Mazouz winner Youth WSF

In the new serie ‘After WSF’ talk with the winners of World of Street Football 2019 Today we talk with the winner of the Youth World Championshiops Panna Knock Out, Jassim Mazouz. We talk about how he experienced WSF and what he’s doing now.

Can you tell us who Jassim Mazouz is?  

I’m Jassim Mazouz and I was born in 2003 on September 13, 2003. Football is my passion and is a big part of my life.It is the thing what makes me who I am today. That’s the reason why I still play at a football club, as a midfielder. Most of the time in my life goes to sport, that’s why I chose for a sport direction on school. Of course, I also like to play Playstation, meet friends and do things with them. Above all, sport is for me the most important thing.

What did the win of the Youth Panna Knock Out World Championships mean to you?

Such an important thing that I made my parents happy and proud with the win. It was my first participation at WSF and exciting it was! I do have a lot of experience in football, but winning WSF was really hard with all the good players. It also gives me a good feeling that I’ve experienced something like this in my life.

Where started your passion for street football?

My passion for street football started way back. I started with street football playing with friends in weekends and vacations. We played on a square with friends. We played in a creative way. I started with football when I was 5 years old. I love to play football, that’s why I’m still playing. Street football is for me a bit different, in no other way I can express myself the best as in street football.

How much time cost your passion?

Like I said before, I play football at a football club. So, I’m busy with football every day. But if we talk about street football, I do spend my weekends and vacations to play. It’s became a tradition for me and my friends to play on the streets after our football game on Saturday.

Jassim Mazouz panna king

What do you want to achieve with street football, as Jassim Mazouz?

I also have big dreams as a street football player, like everyone. It’s also important to have dreams, because it motivates me to work harder and prove myself every day. I also have some idols like Sean Garnier, Street_PannaandEasyman. Eventually, I hope that I will be that famous one day. So, I can travel around the world to share my passion.

How was it to participate on an event like WSF?

The day of WSF was definitely a day I will never forget. I only have positive and happy memories to this day. I experienced and learned so much. I hope to experience more of these moments.

What did you think about being on the same tournament as guys like EasyMan and Sean Garnier?

Of course, that’s great. My idols where on the same event as me. It was the first time I met Sean Garnier. Sick! I follow them on social media, but in real life things are different, it’s just amazing. I catch up with EasyMan before in Denmark, nice meeting.

We wondered what will happen after WSF, so what are you doing and where will you focus on in the upcoming period?

I’m currently focusing on my football. I hope that I can combine this with street football for a long time. I still do this every week with my friends. They share the same passion for street football. I train a lot with them, to prove my skills and groundmoves. I like to keep doing that.